Washington Debrief - New E-notifications Condition of Participation from CMS - Shared screen with speaker view
Erin Waggoner
Just a reminder if you have questions during our session for our speakers please type them in the Q&A chat. If we do not get to your questions live please know we will follow up post session.
Jonathan Kea
Does the CMS CoP require ADT encounter notifications for just Medicare patients, or all payers?
Jonathan Kea
Apologies, I missed it in the slide - I assume the answer is yes?
Jitin Asnaani
I defer to the speakers of course, but the rule applies to all patients, regardless of affiliated payers. The notifications go to provider organizations (primary care and post-acute care), as called out in the rule.
Jonathan Kea
Thank you! It’s kind of a tricky question. Will email you offline.