Fourth CHIME Policy Information Blocking Exceptions Webinar Sponsored by First Health Advisory - Shared screen with speaker view
Mari Savickis
A court has ruled against HHS in a case involving charging more medical records.https://ecf.dcd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/show_public_doc?2018cv0040-51In a 55-page opinion stemming from lawsuit filed against HHS by a “specialized medical-records provider” that serves as an intermediary between HIPAA covered entities, the court sided with the vendor. Specifically, this vendor contracts with providers and serves to facilitate the provision of medical records to third parties (i.e. lawyers, life insurance companies) when directed by patients.Under a policy established by HHS in 2016, the Department said that only a flat fee of up to $6.50 was permitted so as not to hinder patient’s access to their medical records. The court decision leaves untouched the HHS policy that enables patients to access copies of their medical record directly and be charged no more than $6.50. The vendor contested the flat fee only when it involves them obtaining the medical records, not when the patient does so on their own. The vendor
Mari Savickis
What other education/ topics related to information blocking would you like to see from CHIME?