CHIME: Policy & Politics Monthly Update (Mar) - Shared screen with speaker view
Brian Sterud
Off topic, but wondering if others are seeing an increase in compromised email from partners? We've had a significant increase in threats from partners and also from businesses in our community.
Gregg Smith-McCurdy
I don't see anything in the chat past what I responded too.
Cassie Leonard
If anyone is hacked or needs immediate assistance pls email the policy email at policy@chimecentral.org.
Cassie Leonard
from Mari: Cell for me - best way to get me - 202-294-3828. we had 2 members who have cyber issues this week where we were able to intervene. we don't need to know details but we can connect you if you are in a tough spot with federal authorities and if need be a cyber firm.
Andrew Tomlinson
CISA alert related to Microsoft Exchange Server https://us-cert.cisa.gov/ncas/alerts/aa21-062a